about us

We are International Missionary Organization based in Nigeria with mandate from God “To Go and Teach My People The Ways Of The Lord”. We are envisioned to take the word of God to the nooks and crannies of the earth, proclaiming the Gospel of the kingdom of God and faith in Jesus Christ His Son, for the salvation of mankind, and to give the Saints direction through teachings of the word of God, for growth and maturity Eph. 4:7-14; training them also to fulfill their ministries with the gifts and grace of God in them.
*Evangelism       *Missions       *Training       *Media Outreach       *Rural Social Welfare Services.
*We raise, train and mobilize Volunteers for Missions.       *We work among Rural Settlers through our Missionaries.       *We provide Welfare Packages (Health Care, Education and Skill Acquisition Training) to rehabilitate Rural Dwellers.       *We create awareness on Missions through seminars and workshops.