rural mission

The voice revealing the panting heart to rescue the Villagers is coming as an echo of the last trumpet call for radical evangelism amongst the rural dwellers in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. The outreach work that started from 1999 to date in Alade/Idanre interior villages samples the deteriorating position of the spiritual welfare of a people shut in darkness, rotten away in their Huts, lamenting and calling with shaking voices to “Please, Come Back Again To Us”. “But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted and scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd. Then said he unto his disciples the harvest truly is plenteous but the Labourers are few, pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that he will send Labourers unto His harvest” Matthew 9:36-38.

The harvest, ripe and plenteous over 2000 years ago, is nonetheless over- ripped by now, if not going rotten. Many in the valley and under the shadow of death are now waiting for those who care for soul, to rise to their cry for help. The “thirsty and hungry for righteousness” are now on their kneels with hands stretched out, begging for bread and water of life. The joy shared by the Crew of our Team in rural evangelism at the Alade interior multicultural settlement in the last few years has been synonymous to the joy of the seventy Disciples on evangelical adventure as recorded in the book of Luke chapt. 10. The Team witnessed many of these Villagers readily handing over their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendering themselves for baptism by immersion, enmass.

Despite these efforts, there are still more grounds to cover in the area; we keep on praying for more labourers and materials to cope with the enormous task. It is a great challenge to work among these people, some of whom could not differentiate between a Christian literature and the bible, while many who learnt of its important could not afford to purchase one; very few copies have so far been sold to scanty numbers of them at the cost price, with free clothing materials to care for their welfare.

Moreover, there are still more grounds to cover, while three Fellowship Centers have been planted for the Converts. As Stewards of the manifold grace of God, we should not take the grace of God in vain, as we are going to give account of the grace and gift of God in us. We should without delay arise to seek and bring the gospel of salvation to those lost, crying for rescue. The heart beat and call of God to us Christians is to rise to the challenge, the course for which His dearly beloved Son was crucified on the cross of Calvary.

Jesus went about preaching in the cities and villages, proclaiming liberty to the captives; the best way to show our love to our Lord Jesus Christ is to be totally committed to the course for which he died, and whatever commitment we give to it will surely be appreciated by the Risen and Coming King. Praying God to stir passion in every heart to accomplish this end-time mandate (Amen).