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In our two years work at Itaoloorun, the Lord brought us in contact with some old men, including the King of the village who had been bedfast and dumb since two years. after ministering the word of God to him he gave his life to the Lord Jesus, gave signs to his wives to park and discard all the fetish substances in the room and trusted the Lord for his life and healing through prayer, he was touched by the healing hands of the Lord, spoke for the first since two years to the amazement of his family members. He was later taken home gloriously by the Lord.

A man of about seventy years old had been sick for twelve years, taken to various healing homes and hospitals without solution and was never in church for sixteen years, got his grap on Jesus when we ministered Christ and the kingdom of God to him. He seing himself perspiring as we ministered healing to him confessed that he had not experienced sweat since he got sick, this evidently was the starting point of the healing work of God in his life, his love and devotion to God thereafter was amazing. He slept in the Lord peacefully few minutes after his fasting and prayer personal devotional service.

Mr. Agwu of about forty years of age, after he had given his life to the Lord during our mission outreach to the village, had an encounter as the Lord Jesus physically apeared and woke him up in his bedroom and spoke with him at about eleven in the night after his son's naming ceremony. That encounter brought an end to the problem the child had from birth.

Mr Akinseye got converted in a drastic encounter with the Lord during our mission outreach to this village. He later received a confirmed divine call to serve and since has been assisting in the work; he was very zealous and highly committed.
A young man of about thirty years old, who had backslidden for years and refused the voice of God to return several times, was met during our outreach work to the village. In one of our Bible Study programmes, he was touched by the Lord and finally submitted under the mighty hand of God, confessing his spiritual failure with tears, he surrendered his life to God. He, fully restored, filled with the Holy Spirit, pastored the church planted there before he returned to his town in Benue State of Nigeria.

Mr. Adegboye, got converted during our mission outreach to the village, he was delivered from habitual drunkenness and also withdrew the registration papers he had filed for an ocultic Traditional Chieftaincy Tittle, because of his new life experience. He later became a member of the Central Working Cmmittee of the church planted there.

Mr. Adeleye, who has been obsessed and lived without bathe, nail cut, hair cut and shaving for over three years despite repeated efforts from his relations, voluntarily submitted under the power of God, with our crew's supervision, personally took his bathe, cut his nails, and surrendered for hair cut and shaving without the slightest resistance, with the villagers gathered and watched with great surprise and admiration. He needs rehabilitation for a guaranteed future.

Mr. Usman, an Ijebu trained harbalist and Osanyin Idol priest, widely consulted in the area, openly confessed, renounced his evil ways and turned to the living God in one of our crusade outreaches in this village. He is zealous for the Lord and has since gotten several encounters with the Lord.


Mr. Samuel, of Irobo tribe, who fell from top of a trailer Truck in Lagos, was met in the village where he was lying on his bed helpless for some years, heard the gospel, and was prayed for; in the process, he gave his life to the Lord Jesus, got up from bed, now a Sunday School Teacher and also assisting the Pastor of the Church we planted there in his spriritual and leadership responsibilities.

The move of God in this cross-cultural rural mission field has been highly tremendous. We appreciate God for his love and work among these Rural Dwellers.

To God Be The Whole Glory!