trust Foundation

This Foundation is born out of God’s Love and mercy, communicated through revelations of the situation of the Poor and Needy, for the purpose of proffering solution to the economic challenges faced by the Poor and Needy, via His divine direction. It is meant to empower the helpless Poor, through financial grants for job creation.

Other likely Names: God’s Help Charity Foundation/ Mercy-Way Foundation/ Destiny-Helpers Foundation.
Motto: Blessed are the Merciful…!
Our Vision: To alleviate sufferings, put an end to poverty, and create purposeful and meaningful living standards in the society, through ‘Grants’ opportunity for gainful employment. To make Iju Alaafia a Haven of prosperity and Godliness.
Our Mission: To create benevolent link between the Blessed and the Needy, for a peaceful, joyful, loveable and livable community, that every citizen will be proud of; a meeting point for love and unity.
Our Corporate Challenges: It has been observed that despite the fact that an average citizen of Iju is hard-working, many are roaming the streets without a job, because of lack of financial motivations; inflicting on them and their families untold hardship, and by extension, affecting the economic development of Iju and the overall health of the community, socially and morally.

Moreover, Motorcycle (Okada) ridding has become an enviable vocation, eroding the bearings of our youths’ future. Those in agricultural engagements are doing it manually for lack of equipments and funds to hire workers.

The yoke of Finance Companies with their high interest rates and injurious consequences for not paying back on schedule are indices of discouragement in their business pursuits, thereby reducing their capacity to cater for their families; increasing poverty and worsening the aftermath.

Most sadden is the fact that mortality rate is high, due to lack of adequate care, as well as embarrassing reduction in birth rate: Seeing young pregnant women on the streets is becoming a mirage because of the economic situation of our land; what is the hope of our population growth?; where men and women are dying without replacement with newly born babies: The matured ladies are scared of putting their destinies in the hand of financially unsecured Partners. This trend needs to stop.

Together, we can fix this: Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Akin-John, born and raised in Iju, having been close to our people for seven years as visiting Missionary and lived among them these three years, has almost seen it all, and with passion, envisioned to float a foundation, to link the Blessed with the Needy, and Rich with the Poor, to solve this challenges, and bail the glory of this land from going into extinction.

Emmanuel Akin-John, the Anchor of this project, a former staff in the Accounts Department of Public Complaints Commission and Nigerian Industrial Development Bank, now Bank of Industry Plc; a successful Business man before his called into full- time Ministry; a practicing Christian and Missionary by the grace of God, graced with dedicated and committed Team, is well prepared to join hands with legitimate and kind-hearted Donors to fix these problems. The stage is set Sirs and Mas, while promising prudency and accountable management of your hard-earned resources, for this noble cause.

Types of Financing:

1. Petty Trading/Peasant Farming – N25-30,000.00 Non-Refundable Grants
2. Medium Enterprises – N50-100,000.00 Refundable (Revolving) Advances
3. Artisanship Enterprises – N120-150,000.00 Refundable (Revolving) Advances
These Grants and Advances shall be tax-free and interest- free.

Petty Trader/Peasant Farmers shall fill Application form with a Referrer to effect compliance with the terms/conditions of accessing the Advances and for its effective usage.

The medium Enterprises/ Artisanship Enterprises will fill the Application form with two Guarantors, to guarantee the recovery of Advances. The revolving Advances shall be paid back within a period of one year, to enable other Applicants benefit.

This plan shall roll out yearly, possibly in October, to prepare for the new year business activities; an opportunity to appeal for more Donors.

Needs: Office, Furniture and Fittings, Computer, Portable Printer and Photocopying Machine.

Scriptural Basis To Helping The Poor

The Poor need fathers Job 29:16
To meet the desires of the Poor and put smiles on their faces Job 31:16
To deliver the Poor from their affliction Job 36:15.
God is delighted in those who consider the Poor Ps. 41:1. Gal. 2:10
To form a medium to raise up the Poor out of the dust and the Needy out of the dunghill Ps.113:7.
To invest in God’s enterprise of love Ps. 19:17.
To open our ears to the cry of the Poor for our own deliverance Pro. 21:13; 28:27.
It is righteousness to consider the cause of the Poor Prov. 29:7, 2Cor. 9:9.
To stretch hands to the Poor and reach forth to the Needy Prov. 31:20.
To have treasures in heaven Matt. 19:21.
To show generosity Lk 19:8.
To make contribution for the Poor Rom. 15:26.

The Birth Of This Vision

In the wake of the month of August 2023, I dreamt of a young man, who needed my help for his state of lack, he was seen to live with mourning and frustration; I sincerely desired to be of help but couldn’t because I had nothing on me to be of help to him; I wept profusely, alas, it was a dream. I woke up to realize how hopeless the situation of the young man was, and the need to find a way out, if only I could be the solution through God’s help.

That very month I had another dream where there was celebration in a very big house. A part of the hall was designed as bread making hall where numerous people were busy baking bread, they were in uniform of milk colour, the bread being baked was to pass through me for distribution to the public who thronged the venue desperately to be fed, scrambling in their numbers for a portion of the meal, I distributed with every strength in me selflessly and without partiality; alas! It was another dream. I woke up and was troubled as I linked it up with the very dream I had about two years ago, when I was to burn some cloths that was out of use, there, I saw men lined up and scrambling for them, even the ones that had suffered burnt were not left out of collection. This was the first revelation that pointed my attention to the fact that people in Iju has serious needs that God wanted me to think and pray about, to see how I can be of help through Him.

My contact and experience with the needy in this town has since then been a thing of concern to me. Surrounded with men and women with needs I couldn’t satisfy, but was passionate about; this became a burden to me and my wife that we had to discuss it in the morning of 21st of August 2023, this burden so heavy, led me to share this vision and concluded there could not be a better way out than floating a foundation, through which well-spirited people can give their God-given resources to the Poor and Needy in the land, to engage them in profitable ventures through which they can earn their living.

TEXT: Luke 10:25-37, Matt. 19:21 (Ref. Mark 10:21).

Mercy is a virtue that can not be sidelined when it comes to matters of eternal life. It has been evidently shown in the scriptures by our Lord Jesus Christ and expressed in His attitude and works of righteousness Acts 10:38. Mercy implies love for our Neighbors and sense of affection in bearing the burden of others or rescuing the helpless Gal. 6:2,10. God wants us to be channels of soccor to the less privileged James 2:14-16. It points to the truth that without mercy, our so called faith is dead James 2: 17-22. Mercy is not limited to the physical, financial or material interventions, but also extended to the spiritual. Rescuing a person going on the way of destruction is a way of mercy Jude Verse 22.
It is standing for the Poor and getting justice for the Oppressed Psalm 82:3. Jesus categorically proved that those engaged in these, do it for Him, while those who would not, denies Him of them Matt. 25:31-46, Matt. 5: 41,42. Mercy is a way to obtaining mercy from God; only the merciful can receive mercy Matt. 5:7. If believers must be salt of the earth that Jesus calls us, we must season the life of others; this is key to our earthly relevance and eternal glory Matt. 5:13.
Be blessed in His mercy!

Apst. Dr. Emmanuel Oladipupo Akin-John.